This Doesn’t Belong Here assignment tutorial

For this assignment all you had to do was take an iconic object from a movie and somehow fit it into another movie photo. So I decided to put the Titanic in the back of a scene from Forrest Gump. So I went onto the internet and I got a screenshot of the Forrest Gump movie and the cut out the titanic ship from another photo and pasted it onto the Forrest Gump photo. That’s pretty much it.

also…you can fix the lighting in the photos so they have the same lighting.

The forrest Gump Project Tutorial

For this assignment, what i did was find an old image of an event online and use that as my background. If the photo isn’t black and white or sepia that can easily be changed with an everyday photo editing app. Next I had someone take a picture of me in front of a white wall so that I can easily crop myself into the old photo. That’s pretty much it!!!!

Weekly Summary/Progress Report

This week was all fast past for me. I had to fit in all of my last minute recordings and editing. I am really glad that we really didn’t have to do anything else, because this was a pretty stressful week. There, once again, isn’t much to talk about since we didn’t have much to do but the project. Even though we didn’t have much I feel like I put the same amount of work in these past three weeks, working on my project. In conclusion, I had a lot of fun in this class and I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did.

Final Project

These past two weeks were pretty exciting for me, I was able to pull together my final project, which is the video link above. It interprets my love for technology and all the gadgets that I now possess. What I was hoping to portray in the video is my dependency on all of my electronics and technical devices that I use. What I mean when I say the “Thin Line Between Love and Tech” is that you know we love our cell phones and now it makes us accessible to others, and others accessible to us, but if my cell phone dies or my laptop is no longer working, I can’t send those emails, nor can I send texts, and then if I’m calling someone and they don’t answer the phone, or respond to my texts they’re not as accessible, as we tend to think one should be if they own their own device.

I spent a bit more time on filming than I planned, only because I didn’t feel like I could get the right angles. What’s really funny is some of the clips, I probably did 3 or 4 times, but I had to choose the right one and put it in there. With the help of iMovie, I was able to select the scenes I wanted and cut out the ones I don’t and bring them all together. I was also able to use that application to add special effects and captions. Audacity was used to boost and enhance the sound quality of the song after that the video was saved and uploaded to i-movie. Then, once I had both the video and audio on iMovie, I had to align my lip singing in the video with the song.
All in all, I must say I’m pleased. I enjoyed making my final project and I hope you enjoy watching, and hopefully you get something out of it.

Weekly Summary/Progress Report

This week was really a brainstorming week. I was thinking about how I wanted to put my story together, and exactly what I wanted to my story to be about. Next week I want to start executing my project since I’ll have more time to make it good. I also was wondering how I was going to include my character, 5, in my story project. In conclusion, this week was as easy or as hard you make it depending on how you spend your extra time.

Weekly Summary

This week went by very smoothly, which doesn’t come often for me. Probably because most of the things I did this week had to do with images which I am pretty good at. I also found this new free app called photoshop mix. It’s like a simplified version of regular photoshop. I didn’t really have any troubles this week, the hardest part was figuring out which remixes and mashups I wanted to use.