Weekly Summary

What a week in digital storytelling, I must say I was taken back by some of the assignments. I’m just going to highlight my favorites for this week; the first being the Morse code daily create. I haven’t had to use that since the last time I was serving on a Naval vessel. I had fun refreshing my memory of it. One of the daily creates I chose was the sign language. I remember as a young girl my mother taught it to my triplet sisters and I. I must say I was embarrassed when I realize that I didn’t remember how to sign the alphabet. Then there was the lip signing I had an absolute blast with that. I sing all the time so I knew I was going to pick that one. I must be honest I was not comfortable with having to post videos of myself online this week but I did enjoy all of the projects!

daily create 1

daily create 2

daily create 3




Week 2 progress

This week we managed to get pretty much everything done. It wasn’t a very difficult week since there wasn’t much that we had to do. Everyone in my group got their segments in for the audio show, and it was put together by a member of my group, who did a very good job.

Earlier this week, I was able to get audio to work on Audacity. What I had to do was download an app to convert my audio into the type that Audacity would allow. I was able o get everything done very easily after that. Without this app I would be in a very bad place right now, so I want to than whoever created it.

So, after all my team ended getting everything done which makes me so very happy. Also, if we ever have any more audio assignments…I’ll be ready!!!