This week what my group and I haven’t got much done. We have a group name, but we don’t even have a theme. We still need to find a definite way to communicate with each other, but for now we’re playing twitter tag. I wish we could be more productive, but my priority is getting things done.

Vignelli Canon

Well first I’d like to point out that Vignelli didn’t hold back on any details. I’m pretty sure he hit every aspect of visual design. I’m not a professional visual designer, but I think he gave me an extremely well thought out idea of how to put things together. When he is explaining the different elements of visual design he brings up things that I wouldn’t have ever thought visual designers think about when they’re doing their job.

Who am I


I have a picture of heels because I am obsessed with shoes. I have a picture of a family because that’s what I live for. I have a picture of the color burgundy because that is my favorite color. I have a picture of college students because I am still working on a higher degree. I have a picture of a business woman because I am a workaholic. I have a picture of a cell phone because I am always on my phone. I have a picture of a party because I love to go out.

Love At First Site


I must admit when I met my husband it was not love at first site.  I was drunk in London England (typical sailors) and I remember he and his friends were just as intoxicated as I was but they were being rude, loud and obnoxious.  At some point he stepped on my foot by accident and I lost it on him.

I had not run into him again until a year later I was on that same ship and I saw a tall attractive man and I thought to myself I’m going to marry him.  He tried to ignore me for months and one day I built the courage to introduce myself.

I can remember when but at some point he asked “you don’t remember me do you?” I replied “No”.  He then said ” I was the guy in London that you went off on”.  (Laughing)

Needless to say within six months after that introduction we were married.  October 1, 2015 made our 10th year anniversary!


True story