If I could…

If I could live anywhere where at any time it would be in Africa, today. I don’t really have one or two big reasons, I just love it there. I went there for work multiple times and I just always had fun. I also like helping and talking to the little children there and seeing the animals on the safaris. I think I might move there sometime in the future. Maybe move into like a condo or something when my son moves out.

Ghost Dolls

These stories are scary because you have normal people that come in contact with these dolls that seem normal and then they come to life and do evil things. What makes haunted dolls scary is the fact that something inanimate and innocent looking could actually be something malevolent and out to kill. The only thing I don’t find scary about the stories is that the dolls don’t seem realistic enough for me.

My favorite phobia is arachnophobia, only because I cant even look at anything creepy and or crawly.

“Digital” in Digital Storytelling

Both Bryan Alexander and Shira Chess reveal how new technology and software can let people not only be creative but share their creativity. We are now able to create something and let people know matter where or who you are build off of it.

Web storytelling enabled Slender Man to be created by its ability to share ideas and let people create something for other people to enjoy and reflect. I see digital storytelling as traditional storytelling in a new medium, because the stories are put out there into the world and people change them and resubmit them, like oral traditions. The only way digital storytelling is different is that it can be spread way faster than any other type of storytelling.