Surprise!! It’s Karma!!

In response to the five stories read, watched, and listened to this week; I noticed that the movies were retro almost vintage like movies.   I would say the movies were successful in pulling me in by simply sparking my curiosity.   I found myself guessing what the ending was going to be at the first commercial break in both films “Night Gallery: Certain Shadows on the Wall” and “The Grim Reaper”.  Both films relate to Stephen Kings “Tales of the Hook” because they all have in common that supernatural themes.

For example in the “Certain Shadows on the Wall”  the shadows of both brother and sister were permanently cast on the wall of the Gallery.  In “The Grin Reaper” the picture was some how possessed or haunted by a spirit or two.  Yet both films gave me that aah moment that made me think Karma is always around!

Now the Berenice Read By Dr Johns was a dark read to listen to and I must admit I Couldn’t quit follow the story line.  I think it was beyond my rim of imagination.

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson was a very interesting story because at first I literally was expecting an actual lottery of winning something not harming someone.  It was an interesting twist.

“Digital” in Digital Storytelling

Both Bryan Alexander and Shira Chess reveal how new technology and software can let people not only be creative but share their creativity. We are now able to create something and let people know matter where or who you are build off of it.

Web storytelling enabled Slender Man to be created by its ability to share ideas and let people create something for other people to enjoy and reflect. I see digital storytelling as traditional storytelling in a new medium, because the stories are put out there into the world and people change them and resubmit them, like oral traditions. The only way digital storytelling is different is that it can be spread way faster than any other type of storytelling.