Audio in Storytelling

Audio as it relates to story telling can be used to express the mood of a particular scene or part of that story. For instance, in the movie The Shining, every time the boy saw the ghosts of the twin sisters I believe it was the same theme music playing; and that music expressed the fear that the boy was feeling when he saw the ghost twins.

When I listened to the radio show, they used music to transition from one scene to the next, so the theme music would come on and then go silent and then come back on to move onto the next phase of the story. So I guess what I’m saying is that you can also use audio to transition scenes.

Without audio, it would be very difficult to capture the emotions of the characters in the story and in return create emotional connections with the audience.


-Unable to embed the live radio show or the movie The Shining

The Shining

The Shining isn’t as scary as current scary movies, but it is considered a classic. I think that way the shining was shot was not only to film the actors saying words, but to also show the environment that the characters were in and the zoom was really an emotion enhancer. Whenever there was a moment when someone was scared, or heard bad news, or had an epiphany the camera would zoom into the character to emphasize emotion. The sets are panned out to make the sets look big and intimidating. The film is also low saturated to show that the movie is not meant to be happy.IMG_3366IMG_3362IMG_3363IMG_3361IMG_3360IMG_3358

Lost Memories 

I was looking for a good computer to keep all my family pictures and work files on. I found a nice shiny tower and screen that worked perfectly. Then I had to move and I completely forgot to label it so the box was not handled properly. When I turned it on at the new house the screen was all black and the tower just made a high pitched noise that would not stop. I lost all my pictures, files, music, everything!!! I was devastated…I still it have just in case there is a way to bring my stuff back. I’m still angry I have lost all those pictures and music. Now I am a lot less careless with my technology, I cannot have something like that happen again. So for all of you with important things on your computer either print your stuff or back it up!!!!

Week One Summary

This week was pretty tough, I think it was just the process of getting set up and get situated with the different websites. I probably would have had an easier time if I would have used my newer computer, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. One thing I learned is that there is a social media website for anyone no matter what medium you use;  whether it is voice recording or tying or making videos. I do enjoy the options to use these different tools to express myself.

Scary Story

There was a man named Tom who always argued with his wife Gina. They would argue and fight constantly and one day Tom threatened to cut his throat. A few fights later Tom actually did cut his throat, in front of his wife. So, the wife decided to donate his organs to a hospital nearby. Tom’s heart was given to a man named Jonathon. Gina wanted to meet Jonathon, and so she did and as soon as Jonathon met Gina he fell in love with the heart that was once beating for her dead husband. Jonathon and Gina soon got married and fought just like Gina and Tom. One day Gina came home and found Jonathon dead with an open throat and a knife in his hand.

The End