Weekly Summary

What a week in digital storytelling, I must say I was taken back by some of the assignments. I’m just going to highlight my favorites for this week; the first being the Morse code daily create. I haven’t had to use that since the last time I was serving on a Naval vessel. I had fun refreshing my memory of it. One of the daily creates I chose was the sign language. I remember as a young girl my mother taught it to my triplet sisters and I. I must say I was embarrassed when I realize that I didn’t remember how to sign the alphabet. Then there was the lip signing I had an absolute blast with that. I sing all the time so I knew I was going to pick that one. I must be honest I was not comfortable with having to post videos of myself online this week but I did enjoy all of the projects!

daily create 1

daily create 2

daily create 3













Weekly Summary

This week was a really fun week.  Viewing and creating videos, is something I wasn’t initially looking forward to doing this week but it turned out to be really fun.  I was surprised at how popular my commercial was.  My son was getting frustrated with me because we had to film it so many times.  I really enjoyed watch the film that pertained to how sound effects change the dynamics of humor in a movie/film.  I actually watched it twice because I thought it was very funny!