Picture Perfect Post

I usually just take about 100 pictures of my self and then post it on Facebook. I never really thought that pictures could tell stories. Now when I see photographs I know to look closer and find what the photographer is really trying to say. I think it’s really creative and takes some skill to create good pictures that will make people want to look. A camera and flash is not all that it takes to make a good photo and I know that now. Which is why now I will think more about what I take pictures of. What do they mean to me and what do they mean to other people. I like photographs of nature, like flowers, trees, and animals. I think I’m already pretty good at pictures, but I’m hoping to get better. I think that more vibrant and colorful photos are good with nature and other things such as people, and landscapes look better with a faded look.

Weekly Summary

Huh…This week was a tough one for me. I was really busy so I didn’t really have all the time in the world you know. I did try really hard to get this week done. I think the videos and reading in step one was the most time consuming part, but I made it through. Everything else went pretty okay. I didn’t really know where to find the daily creates until last minute so I didn’t get them all in, but I tried and what else can I say. So, that was my week hopefully next week wont be so hectic.


Meet 5: she is 5yrs old and she is from India… There is something a little different about 5 though… I mean away from the fact the she is a soft speaking child… But that she is a ghost…Soft spoken child. She’s a thousand years old ghost

Shape of a Story

In the story Last Respects, the character Anthony never really went above the midpoint line. He started out sad because his beloved was dead. When he made it to her grave he couldn’t open her coffin so he just sat there in the rain. He got locked in the grave and he died there because no one could hear him scream so his story shape would look something like this.IMG_0803

If I could be

If I could be someone else in the world anyone in the world, it would be my mother.  Not my mother as she is now; but the mother I remember as I was growing up.  I used to watch her dress in the morning and do her hair, she would curl it in spirals, and put on her makeup. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen or known; and I would always think to myself I can’t wait to grow up so that I can look just like my mother.  She would always wear fancy high heels and I never seen her wear the same pair twice. I remember her clothes were always fitted but with Taste. So if I ever had the opportunity to be my mother when she was around the age of 30 I’d probably do the following:   I would wake up in the morning and do my makeup just as she would, and I would curl my hair with the spirals, then I will go to the closet and pick out the cutest dress, probably burgundy because it’s my favorite color and pick out matching burgundy shoes as she would.  Then I would repeat that every hour on the hour; picking out a different dress to wear with matching shoes. I’d go back to her closet for an entire 24 hours.   If I had one more wish it would be to wake up and be able to do it all over again.

Dream Vacation!!

My dream vacation would take place in Cancun, Mexico with my son and daughter. We would swim with the Sharks and go snorkeling. I would love to go deep sea diving to see all the beautiful fish and underwater plants. Me and my family would go speed boat racing  and then we would go and do karaoke. I would go swimming, then relax and fall asleep on the beach and then eat lots of delicious food. Last but not least, I would shop until I drop in all of the island shops and boutiques.All-Inclusive-in-Cancun-Mexico

Surprise!! It’s Karma!!

In response to the five stories read, watched, and listened to this week; I noticed that the movies were retro almost vintage like movies.   I would say the movies were successful in pulling me in by simply sparking my curiosity.   I found myself guessing what the ending was going to be at the first commercial break in both films “Night Gallery: Certain Shadows on the Wall” and “The Grim Reaper”.  Both films relate to Stephen Kings “Tales of the Hook” because they all have in common that supernatural themes.

For example in the “Certain Shadows on the Wall”  the shadows of both brother and sister were permanently cast on the wall of the Gallery.  In “The Grin Reaper” the picture was some how possessed or haunted by a spirit or two.  Yet both films gave me that aah moment that made me think Karma is always around!

Now the Berenice Read By Dr Johns was a dark read to listen to and I must admit I Couldn’t quit follow the story line.  I think it was beyond my rim of imagination.

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson was a very interesting story because at first I literally was expecting an actual lottery of winning something not harming someone.  It was an interesting twist.