If I could be

If I could be someone else in the world anyone in the world, it would be my mother.  Not my mother as she is now; but the mother I remember as I was growing up.  I used to watch her dress in the morning and do her hair, she would curl it in spirals, and put on her makeup. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen or known; and I would always think to myself I can’t wait to grow up so that I can look just like my mother.  She would always wear fancy high heels and I never seen her wear the same pair twice. I remember her clothes were always fitted but with Taste. So if I ever had the opportunity to be my mother when she was around the age of 30 I’d probably do the following:   I would wake up in the morning and do my makeup just as she would, and I would curl my hair with the spirals, then I will go to the closet and pick out the cutest dress, probably burgundy because it’s my favorite color and pick out matching burgundy shoes as she would.  Then I would repeat that every hour on the hour; picking out a different dress to wear with matching shoes. I’d go back to her closet for an entire 24 hours.   If I had one more wish it would be to wake up and be able to do it all over again.

Dream Vacation!!

My dream vacation would take place in Cancun, Mexico with my son and daughter. We would swim with the Sharks and go snorkeling. I would love to go deep sea diving to see all the beautiful fish and underwater plants. Me and my family would go speed boat racing  and then we would go and do karaoke. I would go swimming, then relax and fall asleep on the beach and then eat lots of delicious food. Last but not least, I would shop until I drop in all of the island shops and boutiques.All-Inclusive-in-Cancun-Mexico

If I could…

If I could live anywhere where at any time it would be in Africa, today. I don’t really have one or two big reasons, I just love it there. I went there for work multiple times and I just always had fun. I also like helping and talking to the little children there and seeing the animals on the safaris. I think I might move there sometime in the future. Maybe move into like a condo or something when my son moves out.

Lost Memories 

I was looking for a good computer to keep all my family pictures and work files on. I found a nice shiny tower and screen that worked perfectly. Then I had to move and I completely forgot to label it so the box was not handled properly. When I turned it on at the new house the screen was all black and the tower just made a high pitched noise that would not stop. I lost all my pictures, files, music, everything!!! I was devastated…I still it have just in case there is a way to bring my stuff back. I’m still angry I have lost all those pictures and music. Now I am a lot less careless with my technology, I cannot have something like that happen again. So for all of you with important things on your computer either print your stuff or back it up!!!!