The Shining

The Shining isn’t as scary as current scary movies, but it is considered a classic. I think that way the shining was shot was not only to film the actors saying words, but to also show the environment that the characters were in and the zoom was really an emotion enhancer. Whenever there was a moment when someone was scared, or heard bad news, or had an epiphany the camera would zoom into the character to emphasize emotion. The sets are panned out to make the sets look big and intimidating. The film is also low saturated to show that the movie is not meant to be happy.IMG_3366IMG_3362IMG_3363IMG_3361IMG_3360IMG_3358

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  1. I also watched The Shinning, and Jack was my favorite character too. I also appreciate the Child and the chef. I am really bad with name so I do know remember them correctly. I like the background of you site. :)

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