Weekly Summary

This week was soooo entertaining to me;  I listened to he “Moon Graffiti” audio about the Neil Armstrong landing outer space running out of gas and air.   It was the first time listening to it and I must say it was so surreal.  Just listening to the audio I felt like I was actually there what was strange was that the back ground of the audio was silent.  All I could here was what was being said.

Another activity that I really enjoyed was the radio / tweet assignment.    I went onto to the ds106radio and listened to the Pigeons and Raven show.  I really enjoyed that but it was difficult to listen and tweet comments because I got caught up in listening to the story…  I wasn’t sure about that Sheriff but he turned out to be OK…

Then don’t let me forget to mention my absolute favorite for this week.  When I did he mocho coffee picture project.  I just so happened to have some mocho coffee and was able to figure out how to photo shop a rose in the cup…  I was soooo proud of myself.

Any hoot it was a really fun week for me in terms of our assignments.


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